Awesome Buying Guide For 144Hz Gaming Monitor

When looking to buy the best gaming components for the best gaming experience, most pc gamers go for the powerful high-end graphics card. But without a quality 144Hz monitor, you will not be an able to fully utilize the capabilities of that powerful GPU. The kind of monitor you buy will determine that edge you need to be declared victorious on a gaming grid. Generally, there
are tons of monitors in various sizes and features flooded in the market. It is therefore important that you clearly understand what features and specs you should consider to get the best gaming monitor. Here are some monitor features
and specs that you should use to make an awesome buying guide;

Screen Size And Resolution

The big screen will definitely offer you more gaming experience compared to a small screen. However, you should consider your space as big screen require more room space. You can find a 27inch screen that will give you a full HD with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 max. There are latest 27inch monitors in the market that will offer even better video quality. They are Wide Quad High-Definition (WQHD) with maximum pixels of 2560 by 1440. They provide a clear sharp imagery when combined with a reasonably powerful GPU.

Pixel Response

monitorGaming monitors should always have quick pixel response and gray to gray is the most widely used pixel response spec. This means it only takes milliseconds for one pixel to change from one gray shade to another. This really helps in eliminating smearing image and providing smooth overall pictures. A 2-millisecond pixel response or less can be considered adequate for gaming.

Refresh Rate

A monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz is ideally recommended for gaming as compared to most LCD panel that has refresh rates of
60Hz. This 60Hz rate is a bit slower and you can be able to see the images become a bit blurred. Look for a monitor with 120Hz or more to help you have sharper image and that can be used with a 3D technology.

Screen Technology

Go for TN (Twisted Nematic) screen that are less expensive and is widely used because of its performance. This type of screen has high pixel response and refresh rates, though when viewed from an angle,
they cause color shifting. Another common type is the IPS which provides best color quality and has wide angle viewing. Though IPS panels cannot reach the pixel response levels of the TN panels.

Video Inputs And Other Features

A good monitor should be designed with various video inputs so as to ensure that you are not limited to specific PCs and gaming console. Common video inputs include dual HDMI, USB, and graphics card Display ports. These ports will come in handy for connecting controllers and other external hardware. Also for better gaming experience, go for monitor with powerful inbuilt speakers which
will also utilize desktop space.

Monitor Price

visa cardBasically, the price of any given gaming monitor will depend on the panel size and the type of technology used like TN. Some brands also tend to be a bit expensive, but you can avoid this by going for a
different brand that still has the same features and specs.

Generally, you should expect to dig deeper into your pockets for a monitor with adjustable stand, multiple video inputs, USB hub, a Free Sync or G-Sync tech and other features.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to find the best monitor that will meet your gaming needs for years. Remember to also find good GPU and other peripherals that will be compatible with your new gaming monitor for best results.